Foreign Company Management

Our pragmatic and realistic advice is designed to yield maximum benefit to our clients. We help businesses address their greatest challenges, from developing and deploying strategies, to reorganizing for improved productivity and maximization of revenue.

We analyze issues, discuss alternatives and implement solutions in the following areas:

Foreign Company Assistance

We have successfully assisted many U.S. and European companies with the establishment of their Brazilian subsidiaries. After the initial stages, we provide continued management services to assist in the growth and development of the subsidiary. We value long-term relationships and have worked with several companies in excess of 20 years.

Market Evaluation

  • Market and product analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Market drivers
  • Market segmentation
  • Competitor identification and analysis
  • Key success factors

Financial and Administrative

  • Entity type evaluation
  • Tax planning
  • Management structure and evaluation
  • Debt/equity structure and analysis
  • Financial planning and performance analysis
  • Annual budgeting and forecasting
  • Business valuations
  • Credit administration
  • Buy/lease decisions
  • Risk management
  • Benchmarking and process optimization
  • Financial reporting systems
  • Real estate – lease, buy, build decisions
  • Sourcing capital for growth
  • Long-range strategy and financial planning

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