Invest in Brazilian Stock Market

Brazilian Brokerage Account

Brazilian Brokerage Account

Through the Brazilian Brokerage Account, trading Brazilian stocks with CKSA Investments Global Markets is a convenient, cost effective and secure way of buying and selling Brazilian shares online.

Bovespa Building - Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo

CKSA Investments Global Markets Brazil provides a trading platform in partnership with Banco Itaú and allows you to act directly at BM&F Bovespa.  All the instruments are integrated with your brazilian brokerage account. Our services allow you to buy and sell: Brazilian stocks, sovereign debt, private bonds. You can also negotiate interest rates contracts, commodities, currencies and much more.

  • Buy and sell shares listed on the Bovespa and BM&F stock markets. You can also negotiate along with most listed Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) and Brazilian Depositary Receipts (BDRs);
  • Price alerts, market news and research tools to help you decide how and when to trade;
  • Margin account – so you can react quickly to new investment opportunities;
  • Leveraged trades using your equities as collateral. With this feature,  you don’t miss a trade and also don’t need to sell your winning bonds or stocks;
  • Technical and fundamental analysis with detailed information and report on our tracked Brazilian companies;
  • Comprehensive real-time graphical system integrated with your home broker.
  • Forum and chat with other investors and market analysts.

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No Red Tapes

No red tapes

With CKSA Consulting Services, it’s easy to open a Brazilian Bank Account and do business in Brazil. You manage your investments while we deal with the bureaucratic part for you.

Control your investments with ease

Brazilian Banks developed the Brokerage Account in order to give you more convenience while trading stocks or options. With this facility, you reserve deposit resources to use in your investments in the equity market, separating the brokerage cash movement in the brokerage from the balance of your current account at the bank.

In addition to providing greater control over your accounts, you can also allow an increase at your operational margin.