Legal Representation of Foreign Companies in Brazil

Legal Representation of Foreign Companies

Legal Representation of Foreign Companies

Legal representation is a “must have” for foreign companies wiling to establish in Brazil. The Brazilian law requires any Brazilian company to have a Director who is Brazilian citizen or foreigner with a permanent Brazilian visa. This is necessary whether through the directly opening of a branch, representative office, agency or other means of representation of a foreign company in Brazil.

In other words, the foreign company must permanently maintain a legal representative, residing in Brazil. The representative should have express powers to respond by the company. Also, the legal representative must be able to receive summons, on behalf, in actions proposed against the company. Without legal representation, foreign companies often face difficulties when they decide to bring their businesses to Brazil.

Attorney-in-Fact for foreign shareholders

Also, the Brazilian Civil Code governs the obligation by a Foreign Company (quota or shareholder of a company in Brazil) to have an Attorney-in-Fact in the country in order to represent it within the national territory. This person receives powers from a foreign partner (parent company) or foreign shareholder in Brazil. The Attorney-in-Fact may carry out actions and manage interests on the behalf of the foreign shareholders.

Our Legal Representation Solutions

In order to support our customers and reduce their costs, CKSA takes care of the legal representation of the business. Thereunto, a consultant of CKSA is named in the by-laws of the company. However consultant is neither implied in the operational nor technical management of the company.

We have a wide experience in the Brazilian Business environment, in senior executive roles in several multinational organizations.

In the recent years supporting all the stages of companies, both national and multinational, gave us expertise. We are experienced in understanding the needs of businesses and international investors when deciding to establish a business in Brazil.

With CKSA legal representation service, you benefit from the management experience performed in several companies and an operational structure that is reliable and efficient.

Legal Representation + Attorney-in-fact
Price: US$ 14,500.00/year*

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*If the company is not active, the cost is US$ 4,000.00/year. It also includes legal address services.

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